NewYork exhibition2017 works

『universe 宇宙』

Enso is a Zen circle that represents the entire world including the sky, world, fire and earth. It symbolizes ultimate enlightenment and truth.


『monochrome 記憶の断片』

It means “light” in Oracle bone script. It represents myself in the past when I was seeing a light / hope for the future.

甲骨文字の「光」です。未来への光 (希望) をみている過去の私を表しています。


『dou 道』

This is a spiritual word. It means a way of being which pursues the essence of truth of life and things. Japanese traditional arts such as busido (the way of the samurai), the art of tea ceremony, flower arrangement and calligraphy all have this character.


『imperfect 不完全な』

This piece represents the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi. It is a philosophy of tea ceremony in which we find beauty in imperfection. I’ve created the letter moon, thinking the phases of the moon embodies the concept.